Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 17, 2009

Well the quarter is FINALLY over and I'm  looking forward to Fabulous Adventures in Rome, 6 inches of snow outside my window right now (yay!) and Christmas! I can not wait to leave.  The most pressing on my mind 'How am I going to fit three months worth of clothes in to two bags?!'

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  1. Hiiiiiii Stace! I never got to formally say good bye my darling. Im sure you and Carl have already gotten into some trouble, but more importantly, I hope you are having fun and enjoying beautiful Roma. One of the most amazing cities in Europe! Miss you already, stay in touch, call me when you get a chance and HAVE FUN. Find your own Czech tennis player my dahling ;)
    Oh and let me know when you go to Prague, i will set you up! MUWAH