Monday, February 23, 2009

Look out America, I'm 21

WoW: News flash "Stacie N. Johnson is legal EVERYWHERE in the world!" (with the exception of countries which discriminate against women and give them no rights). 

Monday-- I gave my presentation on the Jewish Ghetto and History of Jews in Rome. The weather was awesome, perfect for my walking tour. I think I am a natural tour guide and may need to pursue a career in tour guiding. Not only would I get to talk all the time, but I would also be able to utilize my language, as well as pursue new languages. AND on top of that, it would give me good reason to move back to Europe (as this is my new goal in life... move to Europe, meet a European man, make him fall in love w/me, and ultimately--I'm talking 10 years from now-- get married so I don't have to go through the hassle of getting a visa) ha! 

This week was not that exciting, as I had another paper due in my History class. School, School, School... that's all I do over here (okay, that's totally an exaggeration). But, I have been doing a lot of schoolwork lately and definitely not enough city exploring. However, now that I only have 3 weeks left :( I've made it my vow to EXPLORE EXPLORE EXPLORE. 

Tuesday we visited my arguably favorite place in Rome-- Villa Borghese. Wednesday and Thursday spent a lot of my time writing my paper on the roles of women and widows in Renaissance Rome. We read some fantastic books on men's perceptions of women in the 1600s, namely-- women should sit and be still, as they serve not much other purpose in life.... HmmmMmmMMmmm interesting right? 

Thursday night I turned 21 at 12am, yay! It was a pretty tame night... a little different than a 21-run in the United States. All of the kids in my program left for their weekend trips Thursday after class, so I just went to my favorite bar with my two girlfriends Carly & Maya. Friday morning we packed, turned out papers in, and headed to Lyon, France. Maya's friends picked us up from the airport and drove us into the city. 

Lyon (which by the way I'd never heard of before coming to Rome) is one of the most incredible cities Ive ever been to. The city itself is larger than San Fran, but is scenic and quiet... like a European version of Portland. The city is bordered by two rivers and two hills on either end. Our three days there we walked the entire city; hiked to the top of both hills, walked along the rivers, explored the old town (much like the Pearl district), visited the new town, and saw all of the piazzas and side streets to be seen. Our first night out (my bday) the boys took us to the wine shop (voted best wine shop in Italy), through which they sell their wine. The owner took us on a tour of his wine cellar and opened up a bottled of 1988 Champagne to make a toast to my birthday. He then took us to his wine bar and had us sample a rosé champagne (I didn't even know existed) a white wine and a sample platter of the antipasti they sell at their wine bar-- so delicious-- maybe a little classier than 21 runs held in the States? ha! That night we went out to the river, which is lined by huge boats, and at night the boats come to life and turn into discos, bars and clubs. Overall, fabulous weekend trip to Lyon. 

Mardi Gras this week on Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Lent this week-- maybe I will give something up for Lent? Probably, for my health's sake I should give up Nutella, but I'm not sure if I have the self control to do so! ha. 

Excited to be 21. Can not wait to get carded in the States, every time I order anything. 

Baci (kisses),


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