Saturday, February 14, 2009

A more "Intelligent & Sophisticated" post-- As requested by my mother

My mom was "quite impressed" with my last blog update as I expanded upon my learnings here in Rome-- seeing as my first and foremost priority here is "To Grow, Study and Learn". 

Well, this week I did just that... Mom and I had a little 'bet' going to see who could go the longest without drinking wine. I'm still in the running and I believe she probably had a glass of wine last night (Friday)-- just thought I'd boast of my successes.  Especially considering wine is cheaper than all other liquids here INCLUDING water. 

Lot's of school this week. I have a huge paper and 45 minute presentation due Monday for my Art History class-- which I'm going to rock! It's about the Jewish Ghetto and History of Jews in Roma. Everything I have researched has been SUPER interesting-- For example, in ancient Rome, the Roman Emperors believed that Jews used to Castrate their children-- I guess they thought the Jews were using magic to reproduce? Ha! Okay, that's not what my paper is about, but I thought it was funny-interesting. 

I had Italian twice this week, and a day trip to Palestrina (an ANCIENT B.C. mountain town in the middle of no where). I thought everyone was going to get sick on the bus as our drive was a WILD man. The city was BEA-utiful. We only spent a little time in the museum and then were able to spend the rest of our day there overlooking the town below  and eating picnic lunch-- Pretty cool!

The weather here the past few days has been GORGEOUS-- think Portland in September: cool and crisp, but extremely SUNNY. 

As for more mature things in my life-- I applied to what seems like one million internships this summer and am starting to get emails about setting up phone interviews. I have been interviewing for the Management Internship at Nordstrom and had my final interview this week-- pretty cool. I also had my first round of interviews for a Nike internship and yesterday found out I get to interview for a Global Running Merchandising position in two weeks (My PERFECT-IDEAL job EVER)! Keep your fingers crossed for me. All seem like really cool jobs and at this point in the economy I'd just like 'A' job. Worst case scenario-- I will move to Europe permanently and get a job here doing whatever I can (oh.. wait, maybe that's best  case!). 

Miss everyone at home-- but not too much! :) Having the TIME OF MY LIFE

This week I'm going to Lyon, France for the weekend. It's a reward for all of the INTENSE school work I have this week. 

Ciao a Tutti from Roma!! 

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